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As a leading regional engineering and construction contractor ElBasha Construction Company (ECC) specializes in turnkey work. Distinguished by its commitment to its clients, ECC consistently meets deadlines with the highest quality of workmanship and materials, professional project management and work schedule tracking. Planning and excellent communication with clients enables ECC to come up with optimum solutions for each project, resulting in a tangible accomplishment.


Projects include a diverse range of needs, from military requirements to roads, infrastructure, and high-end commercial ventures. A uniting factor is ECC's stance in seeking ways to reduce environmental damage, whether through implementation of new techniques or by using traditional methods in work processes. 

Technical Expertise:

In order to ensure only the highest standards of design and technical achievement, ECC cooperates with leading experts in the field.

Major Clients :

  • Engineering Authority of the Armed Forces
  • Major Projects Administration for the
  • Armed Forces
  • Military engineers Management
  • Southern Region Military Command