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Meeting the expanding requirements of Egypt's burgeoning construction industry, ElBasha Ready Mix & Concrete Company is set for exponential growth. Boasting a large range of specialized vehicles and equipment the company can comfortably meet requirements for projects of any volume. Setting a high benchmark for the ready-mix industry, ElBasha Ready Mix & Concrete Company has laboratories and a quality control specialist at each ready mix station they own.                   

Cement is initially purchased from the Arish cement factory, a EGP 1 million laboratory has been set up to ensure the quality of the product. Advanced technology implemented includes a washer, sand vibrator and water chiller for the concrete to maintain the cement temperature at less than 25 degrees. The rocks used in the raw product are sourced from the Ataqa mountain, which is known to have the finest grades of Rock 1, 2,  available. Only the top quality filtered vibrated sands are purchased to keep the concrete quality.

ElBasha Ready Mix & Concrete Company takes pride in the speed and attention given to the delivery of orders. In the construction process delays can be costly, and their professionalism has won the company many loyal customers. With an established reputation for meeting industry requirements in place, the company is now in the process of acquiring authentication and quality accreditation from the construction research laboratory.

Ready-mix stations are located in strategic locations:  Tagamoaa El Khamis , two stations at the project for the new capital, the fish wealth project in KafrElSheikh, in the QantaraSharq area.

Plans are in place to open a station in each city of Egypt to meet the demands of a developing country.

Equipment List:

  • 4*4 Mercedes Cars
  • Pump 42 Mercedes / Shaving
  • Pump 32 Mercedes / boys master
  • Pump 52 Mercedes / Shaving
  • Loader 966 Caterpillar
  • Loader 936 Caterpillar
  • Concrete 120 MRM
  • Concrete 100 MRM
  • Isuzu Truck
  • Toyota Microbus 14 Passenger